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Your Recruitment & Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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You are probably receiving plenty of news at the moment, but we wanted to shine some positivity and optimism your way and let you know what we are going to do amid the chaos and how you may be able to help yourself, others and hopefully ourselves!

  • We know all companies are under resourced and struggling, we have a massive database of available staff – We can help you now. So please get in touch with your urgent/immediate needs/requirement of essential workers
  • We work remotely so service is as normal with us
  • We are still engaging Consultants to join our network, this gives us more power in search and selection
  • Technology has evolved so much, through these times you will understand what is possible, business and working patterns could change forever – let’s embrace the possibilities SKYPE, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts etc enable us, yourself and others to communicate face to face, unlike at any other time in history when being on 'lockdown'. The fact of the matter is that we operate like this all the time!

So while you may be at home undertaking your new style of work, indeed now may be a time of change for some, a time of opportunity. You may also be looking at the future of your company and making plans for the expansion and opportunities that will undoubtedly follow, again we are here as normal to speak to you about this.

The population still needs food and amenities, commodities (toilet roll – hand sanitiser?) so let's look forward and hopefully not too far away will be the rise of industry back into the swing of things with a surge of activity imminent – are you ready? As always KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON……