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Using social media to find you a job!

Posted: 29th Oct 2018

We’re living in a world in which social media is everything to everyone.

Many companies all over the world started to influence the use of social media to hire those promising candidates.

Nowadays, finding your job on social media has become the new trend, for almost half of the population are now searching for jobs on social media.

Now you don’t have to create a profile on every existing social platform, but you must do your research and choose 3 most suitable social networks for your professional interests.

Facebook: Being the largest social platform; recruiters started to leverage its power as a place where you can find almost anyone. You can use Facebook either to build a personal professional brand or to share personal career stuff to be more reachable for recruiters. You can apply for jobs via Facebook, which is easy enough to do.

By using Facebook’s Groups feature as a discovery tool, you can find active communities in your area. These groups are certainly useful for making industry connections; however, the real benefit for job hunters is that community members often share job openings with the knowledge that they’re reaching a group of like-minded and skilled peers.

Twitter: Twitter is a public platform for people to post and exchange short messages. People use it to interact with other people or organisations they find interesting or useful, including attaching links or photos that they want to share with their Twitter community.

You don’t have to tweet yourself, you can just follow companies or topics and retweet. You can use your own tweets to show your interest in a particular career and tweet about current affairs in the sector you wish to work in.

LinkedIn: The first social platform designed exclusively for business purposes. It became the main place where people could give their professional skills and ideas in order to make connections with people in the same field. This most often leads to new opportunities.

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool in your job search as businesses, recruiters and head-hunters will use LinkedIn to search for candidates for particular jobs and then approach them directly.

Make sure you think about who you connect with, the content you share and where you share it.

Maintaining your social media and working your network can be time-consuming. It is therefore important to think about what information you want others to know about you.

Overall, networking is key to any job search. It can be challenging trying to connect with enough people to be able to find that one ‘magic connection’ that gets your foot in the door somewhere. LinkedIn allows you to connect with hundreds, even thousands of people in your industry. Taking full advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer has the ability to yield some great results for your career.

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Good luck with the job search.