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Does the Weather have an impact on you?

Posted: 25th May 2018

Have you ever noticed the weather can have a real impact on how you feel?

I know for a fact that when it is dark and gloomy I tend to feel really rotten.

Apparently it’s a known fact that changes in weather can affect your mood. For years, people have been diagnosed as suffering from something called SAD (seasonal affective disorder). They say that experts also believe that cold or hot temperatures can drain our energy and tamper with our sleeping patterns, crazy right?


No one likes rain, I definitely don’t. Let’s be honest, looking out the window and seeing rain doesn’t exactly put us in a good mood.

Some experts believe that rain could actually negatively affect our social lives, leading us to feel isolated, frustrated and downbeat. If it’s raining heavily and consistently, we may be more inclined to cancel plans to physically meet our friends and family, or have them cancel on us, which could lead to a less fulfilled social life. Also, it’s obvious that getting soaking in the rain is going to make us feel unwell, which may also cause our moods to lower.

Rainy mornings can also lead to bad traffic conditions and a tougher commute. One thing I definitely hate. So, to avoid letting the rain dampen your spirits, make sure you stay as dry as possible and set off for work earlier to avoid delays that cause anger and frustration.

So, does sunshine equal happiness? I’m positive it does for me. Sunshine boosts our moods by raising the level of a certain brain chemical called serotonin — believed to regulate our mood, anxiety and social functioning that is also used in many antidepressants. So, less sunshine means a weaker production of serotonin.

Similarly, it seems that sunny weather makes us get a better night’s sleep, hallelujah! — And we all know how great an effect that can have on our moods the following day. I feel so much better after a good night’s sleep. Evidently, natural sunlight and a good night’s sleep seem to go hand in hand.

With the fact that less sunlight means your body generates lower levels of vitamin D — essential to good health and a subsequent happy mind-set— it’s important to look for ways you can increase your exposure to sunshine. To help your body get plenty of sunlight, save up for a winter-sun holiday and spend as much time outdoors when the weather is fine as you can.


The temperature can also affect our moods. During colder months, our bodies are forced to work harder to keep us warm, which includes raising our heart rates. This means that more energy is diverted to achieve this aim, causing us to potentially feel sluggish and less willing to participate in socialising and activities when the temperature drops.

It seems that hot and cold weather also have an impact on how we feel and our behaviour — but try not to let a chilly day stop you from getting out and about.

The weather does seem to have an affect on our mood and how we feel, which further impacts many aspects of our lives. Either way, there appears to be lots of good evidence on how to convince your boss that Barbados needs a bit more attention!