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How to Make Every Work Day Productive

Posted: 28th Sep 2017

We can all feel overwhelmed at work and worry about the things that need to be done. Some days we find ourselves getting a lot done whereas some days we feel we have hardly made a dent in the work. These tips should help you feel able to tackle the day's tasks without breaking a sweat.

Be Grateful

It is popular nowadays for people to journal or dream journal but that isn't something everyone has time for. A great thing to try if you find yourself feeling negative is when you wake up, write down on paper 3 things you are grateful for. You may find you write the same things down most days, but it’s a good way of focusing yourself on positive things and starting your day on a high.

Have a morning ritual

If you come into work running late, stressed and with an empty stomach, you won't have a good start to the day. If you come in a bit early you will have time to settle in, organize yourself, grab a snack and breathe before you start working. This way you are much more likely to feel energised and motivated to give 110%.

Take it one task at a time 

Multi-tasking is a saviour to some, especially if you have too much on our plate at once and feel frazzled. If you prioritise your workload, organize, and take things one at a time you will find you get a lot more done than worrying about everything all at once.

Have a shutdown ritual 

Check off your to-do list, reorganise your desk, clear your emails. Do whatever works for you to enable you to come in tomorrow morning to a clear and calm space. There are some things that, if needs be, can be done at home or in the morning tomorrow.

'I'm so busy' isn't the right mindset

It seems to be seen if you are 'busy' you are successful, this can be a damaging mindset. 'Busy' can make us feel we should always be stressed and rushing from place to place. We should try and organize and make time for ourselves also. We should aim to work smarter not just harder.


   Be ready to take everything in your stride 

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