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Pick Up The Phone And Start Making Money!

Posted: 22nd Jan 2018

Many opportunities are missed or lost because some sales people are simply too scared to pick up the phone. 

Does that mean you are too scared to make money?

Surely if you were really driven and motivated, you wouldn’t let a phone call get in the way?

Are you really going to let fear block you from potentially earning £1,000’s?

If you find yourself procrastinating every time you should be making calls, sending emails and waiting for a reply or struggling to hit targets, then there is only one simple solution... Pick up the phone.

If you are scared; if you’re not confident; if you’re not experienced then you need to get past that. Fear will often come from lack of experience and confidence and unfortunately, the only way you’re going to gain those is by making calls.

Sales is all about pace. It is a numbers game and people will be busy during the day, but the more phone calls that you make, the more chance you have of selling your product or service. Just don’t give up after a morning of leaving voicemails. People do call back. The more calls you make, the better you'll get, the more confident you'll get and the more you'll enjoy it!

A call can grab someone’s attention much more quickly than an email and it can immediately establish you as a person, rather than a robot. People buy from people, so making the call more personal, you are more likely to seal a deal. This means being prepared and knowing your clients or customers. You won’t be able to sell your product or service if you don’t know anything about them.

Working for a headhunting firm, we attract people’s attention by giving them an opportunity for progression or a more beneficial step. “You drive 30 miles to and from work every day? We have an opportunity that is only 15 miles away.” We make sure we know this information about our candidates before calling them. Even if it is a voicemail, they will most likely be interested and call us back.

Usually, people can tell if you are reading from a script. Making a script personal makes you seem more human and it also connects you to the person more. Yes, you will make mistakes but don’t worry about that. Mistakes create an experience that we all learn from; from the good and the bad, everyone makes them.

Don't put pressure on yourself or your prospect. You need to take away the pressure of the call, don't sit there thinking about your targets, just think about how you can help the person on the other end of that call. Just remember, that the person on the end of the phone could be the biggest deal of your career!

Sell the sizzle, not the sausage!

Each time you pick up the phone and dial that number you could be speaking to someone who really wants your product or service!

Just remember;

Don't let fear get in the way...

Don't let lack of confidence stop you...

Don’t let lack of experience weigh you down...

Pick up the phone and go make some money!

-- By Lottie Foskett --