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Is Dating Just Like Interviewing?

Posted: 14th Feb 2018

You probably don't associate job interviewing with dating. But as it turns out, the two processes may have a lot more in common than you'd think. They both require the vulnerability to put yourself out there and allow others to judge you. The process can be draining, awkward, scary, frustrating and yet it also can be exciting, rewarding, and life-changing.

Here are five stages that typically occur when you land a job or find a relationship.

The First Encounter

A potential opportunity suddenly catches your eye as you scroll through job sites or dating sites. It sounds like the perfect person or career, right up your alley.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills: Check.

Detail-oriented and resourceful: Check.

Same interests: Check.

Ability to work independently and is a team player: Easy-breezy, baby.

Research and Prepare

You need to know who you are dealing with before you go on a date or an interview. You Google them, read their online profile, stalk their Facebook account and Twitter feeds so when they ask you questions; you know the answer.

Also, you get a sense of the general company culture and mission statement to see how you would fit in.

Knowledge is power.

You will worry about what to wear.

You will probably try on multiple outfits beforehand and finally decide on one. Your choice of clothing will inevitably have a bearing on the initial impressions you make. If you turn up to a date or an interview not dressed for the occasion; it won’t matter what you say nor do, you won’t be taken seriously. Also, dressing well can give you additional confidence which can boost your performance. It shows the other party you mean business.

The Interview/Date

You’re dressed to impress even though you’re sweating underneath. You’ve done your research and practiced your answers in front of the mirror in hope that they don’t throw you under the bus. You’re eager to please. It’s over before you know it. When you get downstairs, you let out a sigh of relief and pray that you’ve impressed them enough for a call back. You replay every detail of the interview/date in your mind, overanalysing and over thinking everything.

The Call Back

The waiting period begins. You wait nervously for them to call, email, or text. Your chances of success decrease with every passing day that you don’t hear back. Then you receive an answer. They like you. They want to see you again. You run around your bedroom like a maniac with hands up in the air and a smile from ear to ear.

Final Decision

Will you accept their job offer? Do you want to see them again? You wanted this so badly but now you’re second-guessing yourself. You need to think about the offer. Re-evaluate things. You worry that the job won’t be what you expected or that your mind might change. You take the risk anyway because life’s too short to worry. 

A few years later and you are back on the job/dating circuit to repeat the entire process over again.

There is no guarantee that you’ll get the job or person you wanted on the first attempt. You remember the first time you fell in love and how the world suddenly illuminated around you. Or the first pay check you received and how ecstatic you were to spend every penny. This helps you to hold on just a little longer.

Just like dating, job hunting can be heartbreaking.

Don’t let being unemployed or single this Valentine’s Day bring you down. Use the opportunity to push yourself to find the person or career that is your one true love.