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Look how far we have come…

Posted: 21st Jun 2018

We’ve all been there where a change in technology has occurred in our workplace whether it has affected you directly or indirectly and the way you work.

Such changes could have been; new work phones, updated software and there are many more to list.

Now we are in a society where technology surrounds us; we must then learn to embrace the changes that happen as it is more than likely that it will affect your personal life too.

For some people these changes can become frustrating as you are so used to what you know that it’s the fear of not knowing if this technology will make the grass greener the other side.

Before computers were even thought about; companies had fax machines which have been about since 1843. This was a very big movement forward for businesses as this allowed documents to be transmitted via a wire from one fax machine to another rather than by post. However, the fax machine only scanned each document one line at a time…so you can imagine how lengthy this process was especially if you had a pile of paperwork to send! The first ever telefax transmission was made in 1865 which was 11 years before the telephone was even invented.

It then wasn’t for another 95 years until the computer was created and then another 30 years after that when emails came into play.

You’d have to wait a minimum of 5 WORKING DAYS to get a response for a letter that was sent out! Responses now, via email, are immediate! (Well, that’s if they haven’t ignored you!)

This instant way of communication is only a press of a button away!
Since the computer has been developed, we have grown up to witness all the fantastic new ways technology has helped us out. Portability, transferability and all the other abilities that have allowed us to have a more efficient way of working.

Let’s just say a huge thank you to those amazing brainiacs that have thought ambitiously futuristic!

Now the real question is…. What will the future hold?

It’s scary to ask that question, especially if you are trying to progress in your career, but it is a good fear; the fear of the unknown. The unknown holds an endless amount of opportunities. Who knows, you may be the next technological genius to walk our planet!

-- By Holly Edwards --