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How to beat the anxiety before your interview!

Posted: 15th Jun 2018

You have probably read many tips on how to interview, and unfortunately, you are over analysing every single detail and convincing yourself it didn’t go well. This doesn’t need to be the process you follow every time. Adjusting your mind-set could be the best way to deal with interview stress and help keep your anxieties at bay. 

Meeting a stranger in any position, talking about yourself, being evaluated, judged on your appearance, manors and ability to sell yourself are all triggers to social anxiety.

Feeling anxious before a big event in your life is perfectly normal and actually a healthy response to the situation you’re faced with. And don’t forget that a little anxiety will actually help keep you sharp and quick-witted. But obviously it’s crucial that you don’t let your interview nerves impact your performance in a negative way.

If you’re so nervous that you feel overwhelmed and can’t think straight then that’s not a great place to be and clearly your performance will be affected in a way that won’t be beneficial.

Getting a good night's sleep before the interview is important so you feel fresh. Try not to leave your planning to the last minute. Sort out your interview attire and polish your shoes before having a nice bath or shower and a long sleep. Going to bed in a good mood can also help, so put on your favourite feel-good film in the evening so you're smiling as you're sleeping.

You may not be given the option, but if you can, try and get your interview arranged in the morning. That way you don't have the whole day for things to run over in your mind and you can get it out of the way. If you have an interview arranged in your lunch hour you might feel rushed to get out in time; and if you are having it after work you may have had a stressful day - and so might have your interviewer!

If you’re worried about how short your interview was, it doesn’t always mean that its bad news. It might just mean that the interviewer got all the information they needed in a short amount of time which could turn out to be a really positive thing. They have read your CV and already know what you are capable of. An interview is just to get a sense of your character.

Finally, the best bit of advice is don't worry; just relax and be yourself. The job interview is as much for you to see if you like the company as it is for them to see if they like you - so go in with an open mind.