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-- Lies You Tell Yourself --

Posted: 12th Oct 2017

It may seem wrong, but there are a couple of lies that we tell ourselves that stop success in its tracks. Sometimes, you realise that you're not where you want to be or where you should be by now. Lies hold people back and limit their abilities making it harder to be successful. If you think long and hard about the lies you have told yourself, you will be guilty of a few. You need to be honest with yourself and don't get yourself stuck in a situation you don't want to be in. Don't get trapped in the lies you've told yourself. Writing this, I know I'm guilty of a few so I have listed a couple of common ones below. 

-- I'm destined for this job -- 

I'm sure you've told yourself many of times that you're destined for a job. You're not. Lets be blunt about this and say you have to earn it. Everyone does. You do have to give yourself some credit though and tell yourself you work incredibly hard to get to where you are and you deserve the job that you're in. 

Another thing is, a degree wont necessarily get you a better opportunity or a promotion over someone who doesn't have one. Putting all your dependence on one certificate is something you need to stop doing and a lie you need to stop telling yourself. Of course, be proud of your degree, but when writing your CV make sure you focus on your skill set rather than talking about the classes and lessons you learned at university. This could potentially create a distance between you and your success. 

-- Its not happening now so it's never going to happen -- 

Becoming successful doesn't happen over night; It doesn't matter what people say. You can't rely on this lie as there is no finger snapping to get you where you want to be. I like to think 'work hard, work smart'. Let's say even if you were to go viral and trending for a couple of weeks, you won't stay on top unless you put some hard work into it. The bottom line is, viral doesn't mean success. 

Forming strong relationships can have its benefits too. It is true when people say 'it's not what you know, it's who you know' but what you know matters just as much as who you know. I've always been told to build my contacts up high as you'll never know when you might need them. To be successful, you need to be well-rounded as well as well-informed. I would definitely recommend staying in contact with important people that you know and keeping up to date with what they do. Try and relate to them - not on everything but at least one thing. 

-- I need to look like a success to be a success --

I mean, impressions do count in the way that you dress, how you hold yourself and the things you say. Trying to be perfect will probably set you up for failure so give yourself a break. You wont get anywhere if you're constantly comparing yourself to others or trying to give the impression that you're perfect. You need to admit your mistakes, accept that you are wrong sometimes and ask for help when you need it. 
"Life is like photography,you need the negatives to develop."

Don't get too comfortable either. Make sure you keep your mind active, research your goals, plan your day right and feel like you are getting closer to your goals. Take pride in your accomplishments whether they are big projects or small every day tasks. When I have accomplished something, in work or out of work, I take the time to realise how far I have come. 

-- I am needed --

This is the biggest lie people tell themselves if they are in a job they hate. It makes them justify sticking around and if you were to leave, then everything would be worse off, wouldn't it? You're replaceable, everyone is, but don't think that you aren't valuable.

Sometimes your work environment is so stressful that the only people who understand what you are going through is your colleagues. It might feel like you are working in the boat together but sharing misery isn't much of a reason to keep hanging onto a terrible job. You could be worse off but you could also be much, much, MUCH happier and deep down, you know that. Happiness in the workplace isn't a competition and you shouldn't have to talk yourself into sticking around. If it's a power-trip that motivates you then you need to let the ego go and realise that the power isn't really yours.
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed from the things that you didn't do than the ones you did do."

-- By Lottie Foskett --