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Every Closed Door Has Helped Make You Into Who You Are.

Posted: 8th Feb 2018

“Don’t bring your problems to work” is a term that we hear all the time. The reality is, everyone has personal problems and sometimes, “don’t bring your problems to work” is like asking the sun to not shine.

In general, an employee’s personal life is not anyone's business but when it comes to performance at work, then it’s a concern. By that, you are entitled to address it and in doing so, you might have to support an employee through a personal crisis.

Warning signs of a personal problem can include out of character behaviour such as poor time management, a drop in performance, a drop in mood, damaging work relationships and reducing team productivity.

Performance and conduct are usually the first indicators for someone who is suffering from personal problems; especially if it is out of character. When performance drops, we know a business can suffer. Employees may be tempted to manage the performance and not the person which can lead to consequences such as relationship problems; possibly one of the biggest causes of stress and unhappiness in life.

Employers can’t ignore the impact of relationship breakdowns that may have on ones well being and productivity. Employees may find themselves in uncertainty about things such as family, future and more while facing financial, childcare and living difficulties at the same time. People’s personal problems could be anything that has happened or happening.

People tackle problems head on and employers create boundaries which are the same for everyone. There are definitely things you can do to make life easier for someone under stress.

You must acknowledge that for some people, it isn’t always possible to leave their problems at the door. In fact, it is quite normal for people’s personal lives to spill over into aspects of our lives which can include work. 

Sometimes, people are nervous to tell their bosses about a personal problem, however; honesty is the best policy. You have the choice to leave the details out when informing your boss about a problem. They don’t always need to know all the detail of why your problem has followed you through the door. Sometimes it’s best just to ask for the day off with just a small reason.

Even so, sometimes work might be your safe haven. It gives you the chance to focus on other things, potentially creating less stress. You can close the door yourself which hopefully, will help with other issues too.

Life is never easy; personally or professionally and obstacles will always be thrown our way. Personal problems that affect our professional lives seem annoying and unfortunate at the time but they always lead to lifelong lessons.  

Life goes on and on, and it always will. There will be many moments in our careers where our personal lives will cause a collision and conflict. At the end of the day, everyone has their problems but that doesn’t mean we will give up on the job. It’s all life lessons that will develop us into stronger individuals.