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You're Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or Dream A New Dream.

Posted: 20th Feb 2018

You’ve been at zero a few times, come back a few times, and done it over and over. You have started entire new careers. People who knew you then, don’t know you now. And so on.

Your career can change several times. Sometimes your interests change. Sometimes, all your bridges have been burned beyond recognition and sometimes, you desperately need the money. Whatever the reason, your career will change to suit you.

Knowing you’re ready to change doesn’t mean you know where to begin. The whole idea can be a little daunting.   

Everyone has their own ways of reinventing themselves. Reinvention never stops. Every day you reinvent yourself. You are always in motion but you decide every day; forward or backward.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a passion for anything. It can be as simple as you wish. You have a passion for your health? Maybe start there. Take baby steps, you don't need a passion to succeed. Do what you love and success will come naturally.
 “What about doing what you love?”

There will be many days when you don’t love what you are doing. Happiness is just a positive perception from our brains. Some days, you will be unhappy; it’s our brain being used as a tool. It’s not who we are.

“When can I start doing what I love?”

Today. If you want to paint, then buy a canvas and some paints and start painting. If you want to write, make sure you read, write and use your favourite author as your mentor. If you want to start your own business, start drawing out your ideas for your business.

Reinvention starts today and every day.

“What is it?” “How do I know what I should do?”

Whatever you are passionate about, 3 months down the line, you’ll get bored, and then you’ll know that it wasn’t for you. Start over. If it repeats; start again and again till you finally find your way.

It’s ok to not know what you want to do. You might fail but that is what failure is all about. Success is better than failure but the biggest lessons are not always a success.

There is no rush, you will reinvent yourself many times and sometimes, you will fail to reinvent yourself.

You might like something that is obscure but that’s ok. Reinvention makes your life interesting. It can tell a story and not knowing what you want to do make’s your story far more interesting. The choices you make today will be in your biography tomorrow.  
 “What if my friends think I’m crazy?”

Just ask yourself... what friends?

Don’t try and find the end of the road. You can’t see it in the fog but you can see the next step and you do know that if you take the next step, eventually, you’ll get to the end of the road; right where you want to be.  

Follow your dreams, work to achieve and embrace the success.