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8 ways to stay cool at work when the temperatures rise

Posted: 20th Jul 2018

Us Brits, we complain when it’s too cold, complain when it’s too hot; the weather just can’t get it right!

We have had such a hot start to summer so far with the heatwave with temperatures hitting above 28C - making the heatwave the longest spell of sun since 2013 when there were 19 consecutive days of temperatures over 28C. The heat is forecast to remain through August, leaving us Brits feeling uncomfortably hot with many people saying they have struggled to sleep.

This means that you need to keep cool during the day; especially those working in this heat!

More often than not, getting your office to a "perfect" temperature -- one that everyone can agree upon -- can feel like an uphill battle. When Jane is cold, Steve is hot, and then there's Karen feeling perfectly content.

The pleasant weather can be problematic for those whose workplaces don’t have air-conditioning, and those who work from home. Here are eight ways to stay cool at work when the temperatures rise.

Keeping cool at work; you should switch on any fans or air conditioners to keep workplaces comfortable and use blinds or curtains to block out sunlight. Staff working outside should wear appropriate clothes and use sunscreen to protect from sunburn.

If you're wearing wool to work, it's no wonder you're sweating! To keep cool, you need to be smart about the fabric you choose. Here are a handful of breathable materials to look out for:

-   Linen
-   Cotton
-   Seersucker
-   Chambray
-   Rayon
-   Silk

What better way to cool down than with an ice-cold snack? Frozen fruit serves as a healthy way for to chill out -- without the guilt. If you're looking for some delicious ways to work frozen fruit into your diet, check out these options:

-    Fruit smoothies
-    One-ingredient banana ice cream
-    Fruit cubes

Keep hydrated; this may sound obvious, but a lot of office workers tend to forget that being sat at your desk for most of the day doesn’t mean you’re not quickly dehydrating. Try putting a water bottle in the freezer overnight, meaning that the next day you’ll have a constant supply of ice cold water throughout the day.

Keep the blinds or curtains drawn stops the sun from entering a room keeping things cool. Sunlight shining through into the office all day, every day, will almost create a ‘greenhouse effect’. Stopping this from happening for as much time as possible will keep the temperature lower.

Try home-made air con! Placing a large bowl of ice in front of a regular fan will mimic the effect of air conditioning. The air from the fan will be cooled as it passes over the ice, lowering the room’s temperature than a standalone fan would do. This really does work!

Cool your pulse points! Dabbing cold water or holding an ice cube on your pulse points will provide immediate relief from the heat, and will help to cool your entire body.

Change the hours you work. If you have the luxury of flexible working, try changing your hours to earlier or later in the day – giving you the chance to work when the temperature is slightly cooler.

How do you beat the heat and fight the cold in your office? Let us know your favourite tips in the comments section below.