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Working right up till Christmas?

Posted: 18th Dec 2018

It’s the last few days before Christmas and all you can think about is finishing work, but you’re stuck at the office until Christmas Eve. You’re probably not in the mood to work. Yes, there might be an office Christmas tree and even tinsel on your desk, but to be honest that’s only making the scene all the more tragic. However, having used up all your annual leave in the glory days of summer, you’ve got no choice but to prop yourself up at that keyboard and at least act like you’re working. Well, we feel your pain. So, to help us all through this difficult time, we’ve come up with some ways to have fun on the sly while you count down the minutes until you can flee the office for Christmas.

Plug your headphones in and listen to Supremes’ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and you will certainly feel Christmassy. Also, it's highly recommend you watch the video to get the full effect! Once you’ve got yourself in the mood with that, set yourself up for the rest of the day with a whole playlist from Now That’s What I Call Christmas, which is conveniently on YouTube to bring Christmas joy to your ears. Highlights include The Pogues, a bit of Mariah and obviously some festive Wham.

Everyone knows the best part of Christmas is the food. There’s nothing better than a Christmas sandwich or cake. You might find that your office is starting to fill up with festive snacks but don't let that stop you on eating them… and it. Will. Be. Glorious. Nobody wants to be the first one to take a piece but my excuse is ‘it’s Christmas’ and you’re expected to put a few extra pounds on right?

A little game that you can enjoy on your last few days is the phone game. Choose a word (the more niche, the better), and whichever of your colleagues casually slips it into a phone conversation first, wins. Go on, try and get ‘hippopotamus’ into your next phone chat.

Turn yourself into an elf. Seriously. Words cannot explain how great this is. Elf Yourself lets you create a video of all your friends dancing around as elves in different scenes and with a load of different music options, including office party, EDM and hip hop. Log in through Facebook so you can easily access pics of your friend's faces to crop them onto the elf's body. If you're not sold yet, here’s a few of our consultants as a couple of elves just having a ball dancing the night away at our office party.