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The Apps you need to get through your commute

Posted: 8th Jun 2017

Practical Apps - Google Drive, Google Calendar

We probably use Google more than we should but it just so helpful, there are your obvious Apps like Google Maps and Google calendar, but a great app for when you're on the move is Google drive, you can work on documents or read proposals, then they will save when you get signal again.

Audio Apps - Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music

The continuous sounds of movement aren't always wanted so we can choose to drown them out with music, podcast and audio books. Popular music subscription Apps are Spotify, Apple music, and Amazon music, all of which give you the ability to listen offline. Music can be most people's go-to, but there are some really interesting podcasts included in most music apps, and the great thing about podcasts is you can learn about almost anything, cooking, science, stories, crime, or even learn a language.

Social Media Apps - LinkedIn 

Most people check their social media before work, but LinkedIn isn't always one of them. There are loads of interesting articles to read, it can be a better use of time than watching the plethora of random videos posted on Facebook.

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