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Using Social Media to get Hired

Posted: 23rd Jun 2017

In today's world utilizing your social media can be the key to landing a job. Social media platforms are great places to network in a professional manner and find jobs in your area. Here are some tips on using social media to get hired. 


If you don't have a LinkedIn profile make one. If you have one make sure you are making connections and updating it regularly. LinkedIn is the place for professional networking, build up your profile by using a professional image, listing your recent jobs and skills and start connecting with collogues and professional friends. If you get an interview at a company connect with your interviewer on LinkedIn, this gives them another chance to look at your skills and professional qualities.

Make your CV Visible and Get Job Alerts

Make your CV available on websites like Indeed, Reed, Monster and CV Library. By putting your CV out there, headhunters and potential employers can find you. Getting constant emails isn't the best thing ever, but getting alerts for jobs that fit your search criteria are really useful. They also make you keep checking the sites so you can discover new jobs posts.

Follow Companies on Social Media 

If there are companies you know you would like to work for, then following them on social media it a great idea as most companies now post their job openings. You can also follow recruitment agencies on social media. Our social media handles are below, we post new jobs every day on our social media and recruit internationally.

Join Online Groups

There are loads of Facebook and LinkedIn job groups. On Facebook join local job posting groups and local news groups, on LinkedIn join related job industry groups. 

Be Professional 

If you are job hunting be professional on social media. Potential employers can use only just your name to see pictures from Facebook and your social profiles (depending on your settings). Be most wary of your profile pictures and recent posts, an employer might not what to hire you after seeing a picture of you on a night out. 

Good Luck!

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