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Posted: 11th Jan 2019

This morning my alarm went off at 6:45am. It was dark, cold, and icy, but I leapt out of bed (well… almost leapt, but you get the idea…) and had a big old smile on my face. Why? BECAUSE IT’S FRIDAY GUYS! You know what that means? After a long working week, you can finally go home knowing you have two blissful days off…

When you work Monday-Friday, you literally live for the weekend. The weekend starts the minute you walk out of work with that big happy head on you.

However, you’ve been ‘at work’ for a couple of hours already but you haven’t really achieved much.

Now, the question is… Is Friday the most productive day or the most distracted day?

Because Friday is the kick-start to the weekend, it has to be the least productive workday? People are avoiding their tasks, not completing them or even holding off new tasks until Monday. Whether you’re excited for the upcoming weekend, exhausted from the week that’s almost over, or simply numbed by the seemingly endless cycle of the work week, we all have to get up and go into the office on a Friday. We all know, that in the back of our minds, we are thinking something like “Because today is Friday, I don’t have to work as hard.”

The workload will not just go away, it will still be waiting for you when you arrive back in the office on Monday morning. With the whole week ahead of you, and an increased workload, this may contribute to what some call “Blue Monday”.

Friday is associated with the least productive day of the week however; employers reward their staff with early finishes or food and drink to increase productivity. Adding up the rewards and Friday feels we should be able to work harder on a Friday as our minds are more creative. However, this energy is usual channelled to distractions and more active with socialising rather than work emails.

That “Friday Feeling” give us an outburst of energy and excitement throughout the day. So why don’t we channel this to working harder on a Friday to make an easier Monday when you’re alarm goes off again.

Keeping the team motivated all the way to Friday is key to a successful week. That “Friday Feeling” should really be that “Monday Feeling”. Friday is the prime time for procrastination but this can be changed. With clear strategies and pushing yourself to make that last call or answering that last email, your weekend feeling could be 100 times more satisfying . ‘The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives’. You can enjoy your weekend without regrets in the back of your mind.

-- By Hannah Edwards --